F. Javier Sese is Full Professor of Marketing at the University of Zaragoza.

He has several research areas of special interest that include customer value management, multichannel customer management, loyalty programs, the customer experience, complaint management, and the engagement of individuals in sustainable and prosocial behaviors. His research has appeared in various scientific journals including Journal of the Academy of Marketing ScienceJournal of RetailingInternational Journal of Research in MarketingJournal of Service Research and Journal of Interactive Marketing. He is currently Senior Editor of BRQ Business Research Quarterly, and an Editorial Board Member of Journal of Service Research.

Address: Faculty of Economics and Business (Campus Río Ebro), Lorenzo Normante Building, María de Luna s/n, 50018
Internal Phone: 4939
External Phone: 976761000


Relevant publications:

Gao, X., de Haan, E., Melero, I., Sese, F. J. (2023), “Winning your customers’ minds and hearts: Disentangling the effects of lock-in and affective customer experience on retention“, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Vol. 51, 334–371.

Boyd, E., Sese, F.J., Tillmanns, S. (2022), “The design of B2B customer references: A signaling theory perspective“, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, in press.

Minguez, A., Sese, F.J. (2022), “Periodic Versus Aggregate Donations: Leveraging Donation Frequencies to Cultivate the Regular Donor Portfolio“, Journal of Service Research, in press.

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Polo, Yolanda, Sese, F. Javier and Verhoef, Peter C. (2011), “The Effect of Pricing and Advertising on Customer Retention in a Liberalizing Market,” Journal of Interactive Marketing, 25 (4), 201-214. Runner-up for the 2012 Award for the Best Paper

Polo, Yolanda and Sese, F. Javier (2009), “How to Make Switching Costly: The Role of Marketing and Relationship Characteristics,” Journal of Service Research, 12 (2), 119-137.

Maicas, Juan Pablo; Polo, Yolanda and Sese, F. Javier (2009), “The Role of Personal Network Effects and Switching Costs in Determining Mobile Users’ Choice,” Journal of Information Technology, 24 (2), 160-171.

Maicas, Juan Pablo; Polo, Yolanda and Sese, F. Javier (2009), “Reducing the Level of Switching Costs in Mobile Communications: The Case of Mobile Number Portability,” Telecommunications Policy, 33 (9), 544-554.


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Master’s Degree in Management, Strategy and Marketing


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