PhD from the University of Zaragoza in Economics and Management of Organizations, in the Department of Marketing Management and Market Research.

Her research interests are in the fields of prosocial behavior, charitable giving, exercising behavior and habit formation, and relationship marketing. She has also published her studies in various scientific journals including Journal of Service Research, Journal of Business Research and Journal of Service Theory and Practice, among others.

Address: Faculty of Economics and Business. Campus Río Ebro. María de Luna s/n “Ed. Lorenzo Normante”. CP: 50018, Zaragoza
Phone: +34 976 762 747



Minguez, A. & Sese, F. J. (2023) Periodic Versus Aggregate Donations: Leveraging Donation Frequencies to Cultivate the Regular Donor PortfolioJournal of Service Research, 26 (2), 283-299.

Minguez, A. & Sese, F. J.(2022) Why do you want a relationship, anyway? Consent to receive marketing communications and donors’ willingness to engage with nonprofits, Journal of Business Research, 148, 356-367.

Minguez, A. & Sese, F. J. (2022) How does relationship length influence donation amount over time for regular members of nonprofit organizations? The moderating role of donation frequency, Journal of Service Theory and Practice, 32(3), 432-451.

Minguez, A. & Sese, F. J. (2022) Social norms and recognition in social fundraising campaigns: The moderating role of self‐construal. Journal of Philanthropy and Marketing, 27(1), e1706.

Minguez, A. & Sese, F. J. (2021) Understanding the Effectiveness of Social Influence Appeals in Charitable Giving: The Roles of Affinity with the Cause, and Past Giving Behavior, Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, 29(3), 375-386.



  • Public and non-profit marketing
  • Product and brand


  • Agro-food marketing (master’s students)
  • Tourism product development (master’s students)
  • Business management (undergraduate’s students)
  • Org. and mgmt. of sports associations (undergraduate’s students)


  • Pricing (undergraduate’s students)


  • Commercial Simulation (undergraduate’s students)
  • Market research (undergraduate’s students)
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