Doctor from the University of Zaragoza and is currently Associate Professor at ESCP Business School.

After working in the cultural sector as an artistic director of programming, she began her academic career as an assistant professor at the Faculty of Business and Public Management in Huesca. Lorena has extensive teaching experience in marketing in both undergraduate and graduate degrees and executive training at an international level, having collaborated with institutions in America, Europe and Asia.

Her research interests focus on consumer behavior in digital environments, focusing on digital co-creation processes, social influence and customer engagement, and the impact of new technologies on business relationships.

Address: ESCP Business School ( C/ Arroyofresno, 1. 28035, Madrid
External Phone: 913862511


Most relevant publications:

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Lorena teaches various graduate programs at ESCP Business School in the areas of marketing analytics and data-driven decisions, as well as digital marketing and strategic management of social networks. Likewise, she collaborates with executive programs and is regularly invited to give seminars on these subjects in other institutions.

MSc in Marketing and Digital Media

  • Data & Analytics for Decision-making
  • Social Media Management

Master in Management (Grand-Ecole Master Program)

  • Data-driven Marketing
  • Marketing and Customer Analytics

MBA in international management

  • Business and Marketing Analytics
  • Digital Marketing and Social Media

Executive Education

  • Executive MS in Communication (Paris Campus)- Digital Seminar
  • Executive MS in Marketing Sales & Services (CFVG, Vietnam)- “Big Data and Marketing Analytics”
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