Paula Bitrián Arcas is a pre-doctoral researcher in the Department of Marketing Management and Market Research of the University of Zaragoza.

Her main lines of research focus on the subject of gamification and its application in different contexts. Her works have been published in scientific journals such as The International Journal of Management Education and the European Journal of Management and Business Economics and have been presented in important discussion forums such as AEMARK or Marketing Trends.

Currently, she is in the research period leading to the preparation of the Doctoral Thesis and the obtaining of the PhD Degree.

Address: Facultad de Economía y Empresa. Campus Paraíso. Gran Vía, 2. CP: 50005, Zaragoza
Internal phone number: 4636
External phone number: 876554636

Journal articles:

Bitrián, P., Buil, I., and Catalán, S. (2021). Enhancing user engagement: The role of gamification in mobile appsJournal of Business Research, Vol. 132, pp. 170-185.

Bitrián, P., Buil, I., & Catalán, S. (2021). Making finance fun: the gamification of personal financial management apps, International Journal of Bank Marketing.

Bitrián, P., Buil, I., and Catalán, S. (2020). Gamification in sport apps: The determinants of users’ motivationEuropean Journal of Management and Business Economics, Vol. 29(3), pp. 365-381.

Bitrián, P., Buil, I., and Catalán, S. (2020). Flow and business simulation games: A typology of studentsThe International Journal of Management Education, Vol. 18 (1), pp. 100365.

Book chapters:

Bitrián, P. and Catalán, S. (2019). «La gamificación en apps de deporte», Comunicación e Información Digital S20-08.


Subjects taught academic year 2020/21:

Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Market Research (1st year)

Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Accounting (1st year):

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